Maersk Eindhoven

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Name Maersk Eindhoven
Date 17 February 2021
Year of Build 2010
Casualty type Cargo Overboard
Vessel Type Container Carrier - VT UCC

------------------UPDATE 3-------------------

12 March 2021

* MAERSK EINDHOVEN departed Yokohama 2 March 2021 and has an eta in Los Angeles of the 18 March 2021. There may be some delay on arrival before the vessel is able to berth.

* It was possible to obtain a copy of the bay plan for the vessel which has enabled us to identify the containers potentially affected.

* Containers discharged in Yokohama continue to be dealt with slowly and our local surveyors are following matters closely.

* For cargo remaining on board, we recommend that cargo receivers carefully inspect their goods upon receipt. In this regard we have surveyors on standby in the US to attend to surveys as required. Please contact

* Once the full extent of losses is known and with the benefit of the investigations already conducted onboard the vessel in Japan, recovery claims will be advanced against Owners and contractual carriers.

Should you insure any cargo onboard this vessel and require assistance please contact us as soon as possible.

------------------UPDATE 2-------------------

22 February 2021

Maersk now report that the vessel experienced a loss of engine propulsion for 3-4 minutes while sailing 45 nautical miles off Northern Japan in heavy seas on 17 February 2021. The loss of manoeuvrability reportedly resulted in severe rolling resulting in the loss overboard of 260 containers and damage to another 65 containers on deck.

The vessel has now arrived off Yokohama and current indications are that the vessel will berth at Yokohama on/or about 25/26 February at the earliest, whilst other reports suggest that the vessel may not berth there until 1 March. The full extent of the container losses will then be ascertained and arrangements made for the handling of damaged cargo and on-carriage of the remaining cargo to Los Angeles.

Maersk advise that there is only slight damage to the vessel and it is therefore likely that the vessel will resume its voyage to Los Angeles upon the completion of any necessary repairs at Yokohama.

We understand that Maersk may contact cargo owners immediately affected by the incident as the extent of loss and damage becomes evident, in which case please advise us immediately so that we can assist.

Cargo surveyors are on standby to attend cargo inspections where necessary and we may be able to offer some economies of scale in terms of any third party costs that may be incurred.

We recommend that you contact us urgently should you be concerned with any cargo stowed on board and require our assistance.

------------------UPDATE 1-------------------

19 February 2021

* We can now report that the vessel appears to be heading in the direction of the Japanese coastline, whilst the precise Port of Refuge is, as yet, unknown.

* Cargo surveyors have been retained to attend inspections of the Cargo once discharged.

* H&M/Nautical Expertise has been retained to investigate the cause of the casualty and we are negotiating terms with the Owner to enable our Expert to attend at the earliest opportunity.

* We have also obtained confirmation that the Owners will preserve evidence, which will be beneficial for recovery purposes.

* It remains unclear at this stage whether General Average will be declared by shipowners.

* Nevertheless, WKW is already instructed in respect of a large number of containers on board the vessel and we may be able to offer some economies of scale in terms of any third party costs that may be incurred.

* We therefore recommend that you contact us urgently should you be concerned with any cargo stowed on board so that we may take immediate steps to protect your interests.


* It has been reported that large containership, MAERSK EINDHOVEN, has lost a very significant number of containers overboard in the Pacific Ocean on 17 February 2021. The incident occurred whilst the vessel was on passage from Xiamen, China to the port of Los Angeles, USA, reportedly during poor weather. There are initial suggestions that the vessel may also have suffered an engine failure at the time of the loss, but this is yet to be confirmed.

* In addition to the containers lost overboard, and in line with other similar recent incidents, it is also very likely that some containers will have collapsed or been damaged in the affected stacks, but remain on board

* The vessel is understood to have turned back towards Asia to seek a port of refuge. We are closely monitoring the vessel's movements and will have surveyors in place to attend upon the vessel's arrival to investigate the cause and extent of the losses.

* We expect that there will then be a prolonged operation to remove collapsed and/or damaged containers from the affected areas of the deck. We will urgently liaise with the vessel owners / operators in order to ascertain their plans, including as to on-carriage of unaffected containers.

* In addition to the recovery issues that will arise in respect of lost and/or damaged cargo, the schedule for the MAERSK EINDHOVEN will now be seriously delayed. This will adversely affect any time sensitive or refrigerated cargoes on board.

*It is unclear at this stage whether this incident will give rise to General Average or whether General Average will be declared.

* Should you insure any cargo stowed on board this vessel and require our assistance we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible so that we may take immediate steps to start protecting your interests.

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Maersk Eindhoven